The KEYTER product range of air cooled chillers and heat pumps covers a wide range of chillers and heat pumps.

The NESEA series has been developed with a slim-fit design providing high performance and low noise level. All the elements together with the hydraulic group and buffer tank are integrated into a very compact construction.

This range with EC fans as standard meets small refrigeration and heating capacity needs [5-24kW] for air conditioning applications in light commercial and retail such as shops, offices, etc.


The PACIFICA series offers a wide range of air cooled chillers and heat pumps with reduced R-410A refrigerant charge and optimized heat recovery systems for sanitary water.

This range is designed with the latest technologies to ensure high energy performance all along the year thanks to multi scroll compressors. This technology combined with electronic expansion valve and EC axial fans provides large energy savings.

PACIFICA has been designed to meet very low noise levels thanks to a triple acoustic insulation as standard with isolated compressors by acoustic jackets in closed cabinets and low fan speed.

This range also proposes very compact design to integrate a high performance hydraulic unit with all the elements required for the best operation (single or twin pump, expansion vessel, water filter and security valves). All models include AquaManager electronic regulation from Carel with high performance and easy usage.

These units meet the needs of multiple applications such as shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, museums, theatres and also industrial applications.


KEYTER complete the industrial range of chillers and heat pumps with ATLANTIA series. These units of last generation of powerful optimized to reduce refrigerant charge R410A and provide maximum energy savings.

The new generation of ATLANTIA high efficient air cooled chillers and heat pumps provide an optimal solution with the latest technology reducing R-410A refrigerant charge and optimizing heat recovery systems.

The design of this ATLANTIA is based on our experienced team to develop high performance units with multi-scroll compressor technology, optimized heat exchange surface and electronic expansion valves as standard. All models include AquaManager electronic regulation from Carel with high performance and easy usage. This range also proposes a modular and compact design to integrate high performance hydraulic unit and buffer tank.

KEYTER has a wide range of solutions with shell & tube heat exchangers for different applications such as industrial, pharmaceutical, food industry or refrigeration.


KEYTER offers a complete range of water cooled chillers and heat pumps for R410A refrigerant.

The MEDEA chillers and heat pumps are high performance units integrated into a very compact design for easy installation in reduced spaces.

The MEDEA range has a very efficient design with minimal refrigerant charge, multi-scroll compressors technology and with low noise level thanks to double sound isolation with fully enclosed construction.

MEDEA units can be used for comfort air conditioning requirements in offices, shops, hotels and industrial applications with water loop. The MEDEA units are connectable with a remote dry cooler (BELAIR series)