Hospital San juan de Díos de ZaragozaSan Juan de Dios Hospital in Zaragoza is the first in Spain to be one hundred percent sustainable after it was implemented last February 24, a new cooling and air conditioning system allows it to be a pioneer in environmental improvement and energy efficiency with zero CO2 emissions.

In addition, the energy consumed for the rest of the facilities of the Zaragoza hospital is of one hundred percent renewable and certified by the National Competition Market Commission.
This center, belonging to the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios, explained in a press release that these measures are in line with its social responsibility commitments, where it recently won one of the Aragón Social Responsibility Awards ( RSA) in the non-profit entity category.

The new innovative and pioneering system of refrigeration and high temperature air conditioning makes it possible for the center to not emit CO2 particles into the environment and will allow it to save approximately 40 percent on its energy bill.

This is possible thanks to a system which, using wet geothermal, takes advantage of the latent heat of the land and makes it possible to obtain a hundred percent renewable energy, “sustainable, economic and safe”, have pointed from the hospital.

Specifically, the water used in its air conditioning and refrigeration system is propelled to the subsoil, where the groundwater is pocketed, so that later it passes through a circuit that captures the temperature under the ground to heat it or to cool it.

In addition, it has been achieved, through an agreement with Acciona Energy, that the remaining energy consumed by the hospital for the rest of the facilities, such as lighting and elevators, is of renewable origin and certified by the National Market Commission of Competition.

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