KEYTER launches a new range of Air Handling Units (AHU) for high efficient air conditioning.

These units are manufactured with a high rigid chassis and equipped with sandwich panels of 50mm thickness for outdoor or indoor installation, and maximum accessibility for easy maintenance through removable hinged panels.

These AHU units in line with our environmental commitment can be equipped with energy recovery modules from exhaust air through a refrigerant circuit, heat rotary wheel or cross flow plate heat exchangers. They provide great energy savings through customized sections of high-efficiency ventilation with EC plugfans available with high pressure.

TITAN units provide high indoor air quality by providing high efficiency filters such as HEPA or activated carbon filters for applications in hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms.

These units are fully configurable and customized with high adaptability to the requirements offering a wide range of integrated modules (freecooling, ventilation, filtration, cooling & heating with direct expansion or water, humidification, recovery, inspection doors, etc.)

KEYTER expands Plug & Play concept integrating a high performance electronic control and monitoring systems with possibility of BMS communication via several protocols.


KEYTER offers an extensive variety of fancoil units including several versions to meet any comfort air conditioning requirements for different applications such as light commercial buildings, hotels, offices, etc.

The fancoil range includes FMO and FMI series of casing fancoils with small size and low noise level for easy installation on the wall or ceiling of the room, the FOH and FIH series without casing for concealed installation in false ceilings or walls, CR and TO series are horizontal ducted fan coil unit for installations requiring medium and high static pressure.

The Fan CT series is a fancoils cassette type for false ceiling and Fan HW for wall mounting. To complete our solutions the FEC Coanda series includes fancoils cassette with coanda effect.


KEYTER offers customized solutions for dry coolers for many applications in air conditioning and cooling industrial processes such as cogeneration, power plants, etc.

BELAIR range has been developed using a compact modular design with a variety of constructions to better adapt to the project’s requirements.

These units are available in horizontal, vertical or V-shape with high performance guaranteed by an efficient heat exchanger with copper tube and V-baffle aluminium fins. An extensive variety of fan models are available to optimize the performance (low noise level, reduced energy consumption, etc.). Additionally, according to our environmental commitment and energy efficiency, KEYTER provides EC axial fans and the possibility of incorporating adiabatic systems.

BELAIR put in your hands a range of efficient and robust dry coolers tailored-made with high performance operation.


KEYTER complete our product with our collaboration with ATC.

Keyter TEXTILE ducts are a new concept in the design and implementation of industrial conditioning facilities. Transport and air diffusion through textile duct ensures equal distribution of supply air in an air conditioning system with an effective and fast execution.

Textile ducts comply with regulations, especially with fire protection standards. Its textile design enables it to benefit from all the latest technical innovations: Fabrics of different weights, coatings, special anti-bacterial or antistatic fabrics, etc.